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Get What You Want from Your Real Estate Agent

Many members of the military are in an exciting “new” stage of life: new career path, new marriage status, new family additions and a new home. With so many changes, it’s important to feel a sense of comfort in your home.

No matter the time frame or the circumstances surrounding your upcoming home purchase, it’s important for your home to truly be home.

It’s also important to have an advocate there to help you navigate the process. That’s why finding a great real estate agent is crucial.

If you’re wondering if you even need an agent, check out these five reasons why you should. If it sounds like a good fit, be sure to tackle your home search prepared with these tips:

Pick a Promising Agent

Ask prospective agents about their work experience, what sort of companies have they worked for, how familiar they are with the market you’re looking into and other specific questions. Take note of how quickly they respond and the depth of their answers. Also, make sure your personalities mesh. This is someone you’ll be working with closely on what’s perhaps the biggest purchase of your life.

Prepare Your Standards

Once you decide on an agent, you can discuss your worries, must-haves and deal-breakers. One way to determine these standards is to ask yourself: “What am I nervous about? What do I want my lifestyle to look like? How do I want to use my home? How do I want to feel?”

Be sure you and your agent are in agreement before you set out in search.

Price Ceiling

A PCS can come quickly and leave you with months to find a home. Look at your budget and set a price ceiling prior to looking at houses. Be firm and clear with your agent regarding how much you’re willing to spend. It’s often a great idea to obtain loan preapproval from a qualified lender before starting your home search in earnest.

Tell Your Time Frame

Sometimes buyers keep a tight time frame on the down low so they don’t seem vulnerable when it comes to price negotiations. You should divulge your timing so the agent can prioritize clients and serve each accordingly.

Ditch a Shady Realtor

Signs that your agent may not be looking out for your best interests include constantly showing you properties over your budget; trying to pressure you into making an offer; or failing to deliver on promises about a property (such as a “garden” turning out to be a planter).

Take a Double Take

If you think you’ve found a house to purchase, take a second tour of your top choices. That re-viewing can help you feel confident in your decision and reduce any buyer’s remorse. Remember it’s also critical to get a home inspection.