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What’s Stopping You? Hold-Ups and Solutions to Buying a Home

Buying a home is one of the biggest financial ventures an individual or family will take on in their lifetime.

For some, it can seem like a process riddled with obstacles and delays that makes it seem like homeownership is unattainable. But the reality is many of those roadblocks can be overcome.

Here’s a look at a few of the major issues that can complicate a home purchase and some of the solutions to help deserving military members achieve their goal:


The number one reason people feel they can’t buy a home is their credit. Military members are especially vulnerable to credit problems given the unique strain and sacrifices of their service.

Something as simple as a credit card bill getting lost amid a PCS can really hurt your score and possibly even jeopardize your chances of qualifying for a loan.

The first step to fixing your credit is figuring out how it is measured.

Another important step in getting your credit in tip-top shape for house hunting is talking with the experts. Even if you’ve worked with credit counselors in the past, chatting with a team like Veterans United's Lighthouse Program can really help veterans and active duty personnel get on the right track to homeownership.


Being faced with constant moving can make settling down very difficult. When you aren’t sure where you’ll be living in a year, the prospect of buying your own home can seem impractical.

If you’re wanting to buy a home but are still in the thick of constant moving, make sure you don’t miss out on the excellent learning experiences you’ll gain from living in a number of different places. You’ll experience life in different towns of varying locations, sizes and climates.

Take this opportunity to figure out where you want to live long term. You’ll have the experience to back up a long-term home purchase that will make you happy. One of the advantages of VA loans is that qualified homeowners may be able to rent out their home in one part of the country and purchase a second home with a VA loan near their new duty station to accommodate a military move.

Being Single

Many people are under the impression that there is no way to afford a home as a single parent or on a single income. While it is true that buying a house as a multi-income family is easier, buying a home on a single income is still doable.

Interest rates are incredibly low and buying a home now is an excellent long-term investment opportunity. Regardless of what your plans are for marriage or children, run the numbers and consider whether homeownership makes sense as a long-term investment.

If you’re curious about your financial ability to own a home, talk to a lender today to find out how much your payments would be. You may be surprised by how reasonable a mortgage payment can be compared to rent, especially in today’s market.

Can’t Sell Current Property

Another common setback to owning your home is the inability to sell your current condo or home. If your place has been on the market for longer than you planned and you haven’t had any luck with buyers, the best idea is to reevaluate your price.

Many sellers price their home in preparation to take the earnings and purchase an upgrade. Talk with a real estate agent or check out similar home prices in your area to make sure the price is consistent with the neighborhood and priced to sell.

If you feel that your home is priced correctly, try some simple Do-It-Yourself home fixes to make sure buyers are enticed. Everything from decluttering to peeling off that old wallpaper can help buyers visualize themselves living in your old place so you can get to the reality of living in your new place.

If you have any tips to help your fellow future military homeowners achieve their goals, leave us a comment!